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Published October 31, 2016

Update: I wrote this article before I saw episode 4.

In the near future I’ll go into more detail as why I feel like this anime season is lacking for a casual fan such as myself, but today I’ll focus on one anime I enjoy from this fall anime season. Cheating Craft is essentially an anime about cheating in school to be the best student you can be and to achieve your goals. Of course, the show denounces actual cheating but I’m sure we have all cheated in school once, or twice before. In the show in order to have a good life you must be the top of the class and to do that either you study and do it the old fashion way which is boring or you train your mind and body to make cool gadgets, learn martial arts, or even train bugs to help you become an ultimate cheater. Students that cheat are called “type c” students and students that actually learn the material are called “type L” students. The relation between the two types of students are at times parasitic as the type C acting as the parasite and the L acting as the host for test answers or mutually beneficial where the C type student protects the L-type student from the harm of other C-type students in exchange for answers.

This show is my guilty pleasure because each episode clocks in at about 12 minutes where little to none character development is explored and the plot is repeated where cheating is the only way for success through at times seem random and over the type fight sequences that removes characters from the world they are in and place them in different terrains for the simple purpose of “because it looks cool”. With that said, I watch this show with my brain turned off if you will and enjoy it simply for the action. The same way some people watch Bikini Warriors simply for the plot and nothing else. I honestly couldn’t recommend Cheating craft to people because it lacks substance, time, and a shonen anime troupe is behind every corner waiting to be expressed in the most cliche way possible. I’ve shared with you all my guilty pleasure now what are some of your favorite animes of this season?

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