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Published September 5, 2017

Youtube has been having a lot of downs in the last few years when it comes to changes meant to help the creator. One of the blunders has been Youtube Gaming,  which hasn’t exactly been able to compete with other streaming services like Twitch. Youtube is still playing catch up by implementing some changes to make more people consider sliding over to Youtube for their daily streaming.

According to their blog, Youtube is lowering the latency you would experience while streaming to make the interaction between you and the viewer better. They call it Ultra low-latency and it is supposed to cut down times to around 2 seconds.

Also, more tools have been added to make chat moderation easier.

  • Inline moderation lets you quickly moderate your chat feed by simply pressing and holding the “alt/option” button on your keyboard to pause the chat feed. Once the feed is paused, you can hover over messages to remove or approve them with a single click. Don’t forget you can also delegate a moderator for your live chat, giving people you trust the ability to remove, flag or hide messages.


  • Hold potentially inappropriate messages for review By opting-in, chat messages identified by our system will be held from posting on your streams, then you decide whether to approve, hide, or report them (just like you can with comments). Best part is, as you review more messages the system will get better at identifying the types of messages you want to hold for review. If you want to block certain words or phrases, you can do that too.


  • Shared hidden user lists lets your moderators use the same hidden users list across comments and live chat. And in the future hides will work in both live chat and comments, regardless of where you take that action.

I don’t know if this is intriguing to you, given that Twitch and even Mixer already have these options (and have for awhile now), but I will give one solo clap for Youtube at least trying to get it right.

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