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Published September 20, 2016

The Battlefield 1 beta recently concluded and it was a MASSIVE success for EA. They’re proudly boasting that they had over 13 million players clocking time into their servers. EA claims this is the biggest beta of all time. I’m not sure if that’s something to brag about, but what I do know is DICE is listening to your post beta feedback. They took their official blog to reveal what type of changes will come to the final version of Battlefield 1. The first thing they mention is the changes they’re making to conquest.

“The next time you play the game, capturing the objectives AND getting kills will both contribute towards the final score of a Conquest match.”

I’m not sure how I feel about this. One of the biggest problems the beta had was people just sat in the back of the map sniping people. It was annoying, but I still won the majority of my games because my squad played the objective Hopefully capping the objective remains the main way to get points. If they’re giving away large amounts of points for kills, then that would ruin the game in my opinion. The second thing they mentioned is the tweaks they’ll be making to weapons and vehicles

“We’re also looking into balancing other elements, including the weapons and vehicles. The Light Tank, which is a bit too effective in the Open Beta, will definitely receive some work, and we agree that Horses can take a few too many rounds at the moment. We’ve also learned through the Beta that you guys need more tools to deal with vehicles earlier, which we’ll definitely look into (including a Gadget for the Support class which should help neutralize powerful vehicles).” 

Your thoughts?

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