Castlevania Anime Comes To Netflix

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  1.' Mr.3vilboss says:

    It actually looks choppy. And just like anime adapted by games ie. danganropa or p4. We know what happens. I dont see a reason to pick this up..

    1.' anon says:

      >pick this up

      You don’t have to pay for it if you already have netflix. Regardless it looks really good to me

      1.' Mr.3vilboss says:

        I have netflix… i know how it works. By picking a show up i meant watching it the whole season….

  2. Cody Donahue Cody Donahue says:

    Assassins Creed, Netflix anime is coming next

  3.' habookaya says:

    yo fix your website, sometimes all i see is the red from the background pic and cant read the words. the white doesnt load. not for this tho, it might be cause i clicked the link form facebook, but when i click home, the white doesnt load

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