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Published September 14, 2017

Fall is here and with that comes new games on top of games on top of games! But what does that mean to the broke girls and boys across the world? Nothing! I know y’all rely on them free monthly Games For Gold & PS Plus downloads.

But what about PC? Origin and Uplay sometimes give free games, but not always. Usually, folks rely on the Humble Bundle. It’s a charity service that allows gamers to donate small sums of money in exchange for a bunch of video games to pad their Steam library.

This one is focused on Capcom, SEGA and Atlus games. Three Japanese juggernauts! Humble Bundle claims over $216 dollars worth of games is up for grabs for only $12. Games like Sonic Adventure 2, Resident Evil 4, Dead Rising 3, Sonic Generation & Bionic Commando to name a few. If you want some quality games and to help sick kids, then click here to donate.

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