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Published February 28, 2017

The students at MIT never cease to amaze me when it comes to amazing (and random) developments. The CSAIL team developed AI in Smash Bros that is good enough to compete with professional players.

Lead researcher Vlad Firoiu tells our TechCrunch colleagues that the SSBM AI is at once very calculating and knowingly reckless. It will sometimes turtle (that is, refuse to attack) until it’s sure there’s an opening, but it will just as readily leap off the stage when it sees an opportunity for a quick but relatively risky victory. And since this is AI, it has reflexes that humans can’t usually match.

Of course with dealing with AI there are certain faults going on in SSBM. The AI can’t deal with projectiles and you can make the character panic if you throw it into a corner. In any case, this can be a better AI partner to train with if you have no one else at the moment. Take a look at the video below for a visual.

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