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Published November 6, 2015

IGN reports that Activision Blizzard has created a new division of its company Activision Blizzard Studios. This new studio will be developing original movies and TV shows.

This was announced during an “Investor Day presentation” in advance of BlizzCon, Activision Blizzard’s video game convention is currently going on today, November 6, and tomorrow.

Reportedly, this new studio’s first project on the big screen will be creating a “robust cinematic universe” (thanks, Marvel, for that buzzword) based on the Call of Duty series of games. This cinematic universe will consist of  “a series of Call of Duty feature films as well as the possibility of television adaptations.” IGN says that the first “release” (not clear if that means a film or television show) is expected to release either in 2018 or 2019.


But wait, there’s more! This new studio from Blizzard is ambitious right out of the gates as they are also developing an animated TV series based on the Skylanders toys and games called Skylanders Academy. Notable names attached to this project include actor Just Long as Spyro, Ashley Tisdale as Stealth Elf, and former Futurama writer Eric Rogers as the showrunner.

The show is in production but no network has been announced yet.


In other news, Call of Duty: Black Ops III released today to pretty positive reviews, even though the PC version has many issues.

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