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Published May 20, 2019

We don’t even know the name of Call of Duty 2019 and we’re already getting news on next years Call of Duty. News broke this weekend that Call of Duty 2020 is in trouble. According to reports, Activision removed Sledgehammer off the project and put Treyarch in charge. There is now a new Black Ops game in the works for 2020.

This is interesting to hear because many would argue Treyarch didn’t even finish the development of Black Ops 4. This also makes me wonder if Call of Duty can continue its three-year development cycle? With Treyarch taking creative leadership Raven and Sledgehammer will provide support for the game.

Sledgehammer will transform their work on their single campaign into something for Black Ops 5. It’s also RUMORED to be a cross-platform game seeing as we are at a crossroads for the next generation of gaming. The only thing I got out of this story is that Activision finally noticed what the gaming community noticed years ago; Sledgehammer Call of Duties aren’t the best.

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