Call Of Duty 2016 in Space?

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  1.' John Sinclair says:

    Let’s start off by saying it’s not an April fools joke because it’s only March 29

  2.' Devin Burns says:

    Let’s start off by saying wtf?

  3.' Kirk Aparre says:

    Wtf. You can’t have terrorist attacks in space. If so it would be so short coz it’s hard to move in space

    1.' Davaris Stevenson says:

      In Ghosts, terrorist hijacked a U.S. space station and used our own weapons against us. The could make a game around it.

  4.' Kirk Aparre says:

    There is nowhere left to run in space. Except if they make CoD Sci-Fi

  5.' Kirk Aparre says:

    That would be convincing

  6.' Marlon Ebanks says:

    No COD this year for me

  7. @tez1816 @SkylarHXC My time with call of duty will officially be over.

  8.' Jessie Nixon says:

    IDK why y’all so surprised. COD has been getting more and more futuristic. Next one will be on the moon.

  9.' Robert McCorvey says:

    COD in Spaaaace!!!!!!!!!!

  10.' Eneree Cranford Jr. says:

    This could get me back into playing COD if it’s true

  11.' JuanDa Valdivieso says:

    2018: New CoD will be set on Tatooine.

  12.' Hamza Pt says:

    Bradley Kenny

  13. ☜ alan ☞ ☜ alan ☞ says:

    and the franchise went to hell.

  14.' Fernando Cazarez says:


  15.' Michael Treiger says:

    It’s gonna be the second Ghosts title and the subtitle is gonna be CoD Space Ghost: Coast to coast

  16.' Michael Treiger says:

    The next CoD will be set in cartoon world and is gonna be called CoD: Acme corps

  17.' Justin Harbor says:

    Edward Dumboo Chehab

  18.' Norlhey Simon says:

    lmao Jean-pierre Djafterlife Housen Michael Martin TF

  19. Tommylee Mao Tommylee Mao says:

    really they must be that stupid who wants cod is space

  20.' Jesse Lopez says:

    Wth Mosley is the pilot in bo1 that flies the black bird when ur in Area 51 n there he is in this picture

  21.' Mika Duvall says:


  22. Darth Nigga Darth Nigga says:

    I mean war on planet earth is so last year

  23.' Th3_1N_onLy says:

    You is not destiny keep your ass on Earth

  24.' Jovani Duncan says:

    Joshua Blankenbaker welp there went my hopes

  25.' Carson Grooms says:

    JakeCannon Ryan Mesimer Reese Grooms

    1.' Jake Cannon says:

      It’s already been announced that the next cod will be ghost 2

  26.' Luis Swanky Garcia says:

    Came to see the hate.

  27.' Andrew Rodriguez says:

    Well let’s hope the graphics are nice i guess lol… i don’t really see what they can really add something new that has be done in the previous ones. lol :c

  28.' Nick Steendam says:

    no fuck off

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