Brink Is Now Free To Play

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  1. Alex 🦉 Alex 🦉 says:

    I liked the game. The parkour aspect was fun. Can’t wait to play it again

    1.' alloyd1 says:

      parkour was the only thing they got right. I loaded it up recently and remembered how stupid everything else was and its even worse on pc.

  2.' urbanthug says:

    Wish they would bring this to Xbox

    1.' alloyd1 says:

      lol no you dont, this game was hot trash then and now

  3. Was Hype.. then saw it was only on steam…😔

  4. Might actually play that shit now

    1.' alloyd1 says:

      nah dont do it, i wasted 60 on it in the past and tried the other day, that shit is trash through and through

  5. Can’t believe I spent 40 on that pile of shit.

  6.' alloyd1 says:

    nah that game was poor received because it played like shit. its capped at like 12 fps on my 1070 and good luck getting the ai to do anything besides shoot at each other. the concept was good but the execution was god awful. Like another user had said “its dirty bomb alpha before dirty bomb alpha.”

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