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Published January 17, 2017

Today is the first time you’ll hear about a major third party title not making its way to the Nintendo Switch. Although I’d rather it not happen, I feel like this is something we’re going to be getting used to hearing. Gearbox; the studio behind the Borderlands series revealed that Borderlands 3 would most likely not be coming to The Nintendo Switch. One fan asked the founder of Gearbox (Randy Pitchford) if we would see Borderlands 3 on Nintendo’s new platform, to which he replied

Nintendo having other “priorities” over accommodating top 3rd party creators sounds very familiar. That’s exactly what other developers said Nintendo would said during the Wii U days. Let’s not hope The Switch repeats those mistakes. Meanwhile feel free to express your feeling towards this news in the comment section below. Do you care about Borderlands 3 not making its way to Switch?

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