Blizzard Says No To Widow Maker and Tracer Booty

  • papichlow

    This is just censorship. it’s not going to hurt them.

  • toastyj247

    Overmatching that porn ???

  • Jesse Ibarra

    The only reason why I feel this is so pointless is because look at Minecraft, one of the most innocent kid friendly games that had no sexual intentions also got turned into a porn fest, granted I think it’s wrong, still people are allowed to creative freedom, even if its not tasteful to some people’s eyes

    • Preston Diggs Jr.

      Sadly they don’t get the memo

    • Jesse Ibarra

      No Fuck your settlements

    • Preston Diggs Jr.

      We have a savage over here, sit your ass down

    • Jesse Ibarra

      It was a fallout joke you tool

    • Jesse Ibarra

      Fucking weeb

    • Timothy Bridges

      Not everyone plays fallout

    • Thomas Deontee

      Lololol Preston Diggs Jr. give me a quest marker, I’ll go save that settlement I need the Xp.

  • Jacob Atherton

    Why tf do gamers have to be so perverted smh

    • Roger Patterson

      Cry more. People are going to r34 everything and I’m okay with that. It doesn’t hurt anyone

    • Preston Diggs Jr.

      Apparently to the companies perspective it is, and they can give two shits about freedom of expression sadly

    • Jacob Atherton

      Roger Patterson fam I was just saying gamers are perverts, not crying at all, stop trying to be savage and sit your ass the fuck down.

    • Roger Patterson

      Coming from a person saying shit like fam and savage.

    • Jacob Atherton

      Roger Patterson what? That makes no sense at all, there is no backing to what you just said, you are irrelevant, go away


    Why is blizzard trying to fix this instead of bastion?

    • Bastion is fine. You just don’t know how to counter him. If I can deal with bastion as mercy then I don’t see why other people can’t handle him.

    • Billy

      Bastion is easy to counter too. Use roadhog to pull him out of sentry. That’s the best one but there are plenty of other great counters to him as well.

      • DougieD22

        Thats prob the best counter, or you can use Tracer and blink behind him and shoot his weak spot.

  • Zshaykutrye Perez


  • Blake Richie

    Martin Arinaga LOL really? Nick Cann I told you nigga

    • Nick Cann


  • Platinado

    Booty gate? Ok!

  • Savon Moreland

    It is actually not clear whether or not the weird shit they make violates copyright. It’s in the same lane as parodies and as long as the creator’s recieve no direct compensation for it.

  • Kenney Kenner

    It’s rule 34, if it exist there is porn of it. There is nothing anyone can do about it

    • Jawdin

      paheal finna go off XD

    • That1guy

      Thats true, but somethings should be sacred/spared from this rule imo.
      What the internet needs to focus and go in on are the Internet companies high prices and Data caps >.>.

  • Bosco Jenkins

    They’ve got problems with their game that they need to focus on fixing first before taking down porn.

  • SaviorOfTheWorld

    This is just gonna cause more backlash. The internet doesn’t respond kindly to censorship.

    • Jawdin

      word fam internet niggas boutta go off with they shit. Blizzard is right for tryna make the game more family friendly but u know damn well they knew what they were doin wit that victory pose.

  • Jeff J. Placke

    No surprise they pressed charges before on people that made World of Warcraft porn.

  • Master Splinter

    R.I.P Overwatch porn you will be missed lol.

  • Bossman27

    Why does it bother people so much?

  • Preston Diggs Jr.

    Companies are going to fuck people over for making porn of their beloved IP,and the sad part is they’re not going to stop until freedom of expression is dead and we can’t draw one picture of fanart on the internet. And plus I don’t have a probable with r34, it’s not hurting anyone physical and doesn’t change the image of your characters either

  • Just

    “The Internet will not be having its way today”

    I laughed hard. If anything, all one has to do is hit right click, save as and they’re done. Checkmate Blizzard. Then upload to a torrent site or imgur or tumblr, wherever they want. Please tell me when has censoring the Internet been a good idea. if anything, you just made these artists mad and they will create Overwatch porn at twice the rate they were before. Why does it bother people so much? Bad move Blizzard, love the game though. Enjoy the increase in OW porn you “pervs” lol.

    • Bossman27

      Plus, they’re getting free publicity lol

      • darius ward

        On da real tho

  • Mark Blizzard

    Aww is Blizzard and some fans butthurt.. get over it! Rule 34!

  • Ibrahim Spartan Hunter Mohammed

    I mean who doesn’t find this booty wonderful?

  • TiciTotyTony47

    Lol this is not going to stop shit fam

  • Fujishiro Sama

    the krasy thing is is that i jaked off to overwath like 3 times today lmao

    • Static (TGC)

      LMFAO bruh I’m Soo dead this nigga real asf

    • darius ward

      Lmao y bruh gtfo ??? I’m just dying reading this comment.

  • Lv Butler

    Blizzard needs to redirect its attention to adding to shit to this game

    • Collin Thornton

      Wanma know when the first dlc will be added? Check when the burning crusade came out after release warcraft

  • Dominik Grudel

    damn it

  • #OWGate here we go lmao

  • Olek Buluk


  • Bob Kelly

    Fucking cry babies

  • Dietrich Smith

    Everyone but hurt about something now a a days. Stop being a bitch.

  • Jawdin

    The internet does not take kindly to censorship fam.. r34 finna blow up after this

  • Leander Jordan Jr

    Yo they seriously alreadly have a whole bunch of porn on this charater.

  • Jamal Butler

    Dayquan K Langford ?

  • Static (TGC)

    Porn is porn bruh there’s following for it like hentai… Or the Latina categories on sites everyone has their perversions and proclivities… As for blizzard yea good luck with that fighting the internet n all there’s is no successful attempts at de porning game characters nor is there any need to at the moment especially since… You kno bastion lol alot of issues seem to stem from him..

  • Elijah Ragex England

    Damn feminist

  • Carl Molnar

    Too bad, you should have left the pose in.

  • Quanzay Lundy

    They need to cut this shit out. Its nothing controversial about tracer or any of the other females overwatch. They’re fit females who apparently have a buttocks, which most human or humanoid beings do. The controversy over it is just ridiculous.

    • Collin Thornton

      do I have to explain excess body weight to you?

    • Darrell Walker

      Collin Thornton are you seriously fat shaming a video game character? Lol

    • Gustav Andersson

      Widowmaker is a mercenarie, name a non fit mercenarie?

  • Collin Thornton

    Good. Its first person anyway so its not anyone is going to see the stupid thing anyway

  • Collin Thornton

    On this also. Having an ass is a liability for the Tracer and Sniper. The ass can slow down the tracer and the ass can show where the sniper is. Both of them have a pretty good reason to not have one

  • Muhtasim Rahman

    whoever wrote this is a colossal SIMP

  • Kouki Kanshiki

    As if they can stop the internet.GG

  • Quasseem Xavier Xavier


  • Coralie-Rose Camp

    People are going to sexualise anything. Its kind of how the internet works. Type in Dante from devil may cry or sonic and shadow the hedeghog and things will come up similarly. Its not only girls. I close my case with:
    RULE 34.

  • Ulquiorra Cifer

    Ha rule 34

  • Jacob Davis

    Mod it

  • ZephySB

    So, I didn’t know that this was actually a thing. So I went to go watch it. Aside from the the cringey-ness and hilarity of watching animated characters have sex, strangely enough, it’s all really well animated. It was surprising to see the work put into animating those videos, and weird to think that someone has a strong passion for it, but to each their own.

  • Morel Beu

    Fuck you Blizzard, you will obey the rules of the internet.
    Rule 34: If it exists, there is porn of it.

  • Zackery Cowgill

    Dear blizzard………..I love ya, I really do. But in regards to this subject……. politely fuck off. I know it’s your “intellectual property” but let us have our fun. If there is one thing that bothers me more then anything in the world it’s unnecessary censorship.

  • Jamie Anderson

    Finn Devereux Rory Donaldson

    • Rory Donaldson

      Have you seen there is already porn for this game?

    • Jamie Anderson


    • Rory Donaldson

      Hero’s never die

    • Finn Devereux

      %800 boost in porn search LOL