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Published February 18, 2018

I haven’t’ played Dragon Ball FighterZ in a week now. I’m not sure if I’ll return either. This is because Bandai Namco refuses to do anything about their terrible online servers! Every time I go online I face people with 7 to 20 frame delay. It honestly makes you want to throw the controller.

This has me looking for another anime fighter. I’ve always loved Blazblue and this new entry in the series is tempting me. Arc System Works is taking characters from various franchises and throws them in the ring. My only reserve with this game is I’ve heard they’re withholding a lot of the roster to charge as DLC.

Even the new trailer mentions DLC multiple times on the lower right if you pay attention smh. BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle drops May 31st for PS4, PC, and Switch. Anyone have interest in the game?


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