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Published August 22, 2015

Ladies & Gentlemen who preordered Black Ops III, hold this L. Seriously! What is the point of preordering games these days? Is that one extra bonus piece of clothing that important? Is that one exclusive gun they held off the disc for preorders that important? Is that beta key so important that people forget that beta keys ALWAYS get slung on twitter for free? I managed to get a beta key for Blops III & Destiny without preordering. It’s so easy.

All preordering does is make developers lazy. If they already have your money, then why should they make the best game possible? Back in the day there was a point to it. Call Of Duty used to sell out like crazy during the height of the game. You had to preorder to play day one. Now days they print more discs than they can handle.┬áToday’s news only further proves my point.

Treyarch hyped up having to preorder Black Ops III for months in order to get into the beta, only to release it to the general public for free days later on PS4. If you don’t own one, then know that the Xbox One and PC beta starts August 26th. I would assume Treyarch is going to open the beta up to Xbox and PC players for free as well since they did on PS4. Don’t quote me on that though. Just an educated guess.

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