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Published January 27, 2016

A new option within the in-game store now allows players to buy 10,000 CoD Points with a 3,000 bonus. The 13,000 total points package is a whopping $99.99. CoD Points can only be used on the rare supply drops and with the price being 200 that’s at least 65 openings if you do not consider the bonus Cryptokeys generated when you open them.

Rare supply drops guarantee at least one rare item but before you go spending $100 for the chance at that wrench I want you all to know a real wrench at Home Depot can be bought for $12.50.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 12.03.56 PM

I know it’s tax season and everyone can’t wait to use their tax return money but wow who would of thought they would spend more than the game itself.

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