Black Lightning coming to the CW

  • BrokeGamers

    I’m really hyped for Black Lightning the photo looks great, what I don’t understand is people on the reddit saying the costume is trash it looks amazing to me

  • BiG CAM

    WE LIT

  • Bl4kAce

    Still disappointed that its not Static but his time will come so for now lets see where this goes.

  • I wanna be happy about this, but they’re probably gonna ruin him too

  • Damon Ransom #Swavey

    Where he get that expensive suit from?

  • Stephen Henriquez 😌

  • why not static? but who cares.. dc’s equivalent to storm…kinda?. sign me up! a new series to substitute for my wait on Lucifer

    • Lex Radu

      Maybe they are going “The Flash” route and introducing Static first as Virgil, like they did in season 2 of Arrow with Flash as Barry, then next season, he got his own show.

      Maybe we’ll get a Static Shock show next year, if Black Lightning is successful!

  • Alexie Lex Haws ya boy is back

  • John Jackson

    Really hope it’s not bad like the new seasons of arrow and flash