Black Lightning Brings Black Excellence To The CW!

  • @Mr_iKeepitreal That’s just Static Shock

    • topdogentertainment

      just give him dreads and a trash can lid.

  • I love that it seems like there will be flashbacks with two different suits

  • Apparently his daughter has powers too. So I’m sure there’s more to the plot

  • Maybe just for season 1 Black Lightning will fight common thungs hopefully we get a season 2 it looks promising

  • Mateo Gonzalez

    CW shows are usually booty tho

  • BrokeGamers

    It not in the arrowverse yet he’ll join Flash and friends soon enough he’ll probably end up like supergirl on an alternate earth would be cool if he was on like earth 3 with Jessie Quick

    • The Black Hokage

      I wouldn’t be mad at that. Have Cisco open portals and they run into him.

  • XXXTienShinhan | EBK

    CW back at it again with another classically garbage show

  • Randyrules

    CW says every superhero show aint in the arrowverse until they feel like it is lol

  • Wanted static but we got this nigga smh

  • #bringstaticback

  • the thing is we havent even seen this show yet lol for all we know it could be crap xD dont rush to it bringing “black excellent” just yet x)

  • TiciTotyTony47

    Im hoping for Static Shock to appear! 😀