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Published October 30, 2015

I say Black Desert Online is the Chance The Rapper of MMORPG’s because both clearly have the potential to be something even greater than what they currently are yet has failed to satisfy their fans with a complete body of work. Chance is one of my favorite rappers out as of right now and Black Desert is one of my most anticipated MMO’s I’m dying to play. Both have given me media that is by far better than their competition but haven’t given me exactly what I’ve wanted. For Chance The Rapper that would be an actual album and more importantly for this article Black Desert hasn’t given me access to their game. GamingIlluminaughty has been covering this game ever since we were called and we will still cover this game because we believe it will have the fast pace combat and jaw-dropping breathtaking visuals to captivate gamers who aren’t even fans of MMORPG’s. Check out their new trailer below.

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