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Published May 8, 2017

    2K coming out with the big guns before E3 to get the basketball sim community excited. Today they took to Twitter to announce that Shaq would be the cover boy for their Legend Gold and Legend Editions of NBA 2K18. Each special edition comes with a bunch of bonus content to give you a head start against the competition. The Gold Edition will retail for $99 and the Legend Gold will be $150 according to Gamestop.

    Those prices are outrageous. I’d suggest waiting to see what Amazon lists the game for. Last you I managed to get my hands on the Kobe Legend Gold Edition for only $60 because Amazon sales their games heavily discounted for Prime Members. If you’re curious to what the three versions of 2K18 come with, then check out the chart below. NBA 2K18 drops September 15th for those of you who pick up one of these special editions.

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