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Published August 5, 2019

Last week NBA 2K dropped their first couple of “gameplay” trailers, but I don’t think we shared them because we couldn’t find any gameplay in them. Just a closeup shots on player models dunks just like every other year. Lets put all that aside and focus on big changes they proclaim are coming to NBA 2K20. The claim to made improvement to their

Their blog post is a lot to read, so here a few specifics that I took away from it all. There should be a big difference between bigs and explosive guards, unlike in previous years. They claim to have fixed the abuse of the stamina bar. Dribbling will take more skill and scrubs will get the ball ripped. Park badges are returning, post-game is getting new animations, new off-ball juke moves and more! Youtuber Shakedown did a solid job of summarizing things, but in case you want to read the full post click here.

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    1.' BrokeGamers

      🔥🔥🔥 can’t wait to ballout in September, plus there’s a rumor the road to 99 grind is being replaced

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