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Published April 29, 2015

It has come to the Canadian law enforcement attention that a very real, serious, and harmful crime is being committed. This new crime is none other than virtual rape! While American law enforcement agencies have their hands full with disregarding the lives of African-Americans Canada is in a fierce battle with rape in Grand Theft Auto. Now it’s unknown how hackers are taking control of gamer’s characters and forcing them to do absurd and unmentionable things, however leave it to feminist twitter to get to the bottom of it. I for one hope these virtual rapists are caught and are brought to justice. Right now there are thousands of kids playing GTAV all who may be exposed to some online rapist. Is your child, cousin, family, friend, or loved one in danger of being raped? Virtually that is. If so, do something about it like Stan Marsh.

Twitter: @Cuz_Imblack

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