Beware of Virtual Rape

  • Naggert

    If you’re sensitive to your character getting raped, you shouldn’t be playing GTA V anyways. They actually need to make that a new feature fawkumean

  • Sir Sev

    This shit makes my dick itch…

  • Julian Zevenz Joyner

    There’s already a thing like that in game, I mean, your character specifically can’t get raped or do the raping BUT if you drive to the wrong part of town you can see some dudes trying to have their way with some unsuspecting young woman. If you don’t stop it they don’t succeed, you can pretty much guess what happens when you don’t stop it and I’m sure a lot of kids or adults have seen this and few have tried to prevent.

    • Iago

      isn’t that sort of a moral test in the game though? seems different from specifically giving a player the power to randomly rape people online….like that goes beyond gta’s usual satire of society and shit imo

  • Payton McDowell

    There was a facebook video taking place in Canada (British Colombia) where there were several white men harassing a black man, telling him that they were going to kill and lynch him.

    Canada can kiss my African American ass.

  • tim

    This shit had me dying, but in all seriousness, the news anchor can get it.

    • Fbreezy

      Are you implying that you want to have sex with her without her knowing? Text Raper! /joke

  • Meanwhile in a mother’s basement in Canada

  • This shit old af. #GamerGate

  • Darth Maul

    ROFL. I’m DONE! I could only watch about 44 seconds of this video. Too funny.

  • Childish Corbino

    someone hacks gta, ALL GAMES ARE BAD, in all honesty the end just makes me think this is a xbox plug

  • Bad J

    This bitch.. Playstation aint free online anymore. Get it together.

  • GetoffMynuts

    i feel like that girl at 4.00 was paid by microsoft to advertised them lml

  • Him

    If they really wanted me to take it seriously that blogger shouldn’t have been smiling lmao. She knows that shit is hilarious. LMAO Don’t lie girl.

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