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Published October 23, 2019

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    Gamers beware because Bethesda wants more of your money for new features coming to Fallout 76. Bethesda released this news today that they will be offering some of the most requested features coming to Fallout 76 in a membership called Fallout 1st which is out now.

    This Fallout 1st membership is $99.99 for the year and will give you the following:

    • Private Worlds –  Private World for you and up to seven friends to play in.
    • Scrapbox – Unlimited storage for crafting components
    • Survival Tent: Fast travel point with a stash, Sleeping bad, and more.
    • Receive 1,650 Atoms per month
    • Ranger Armor Outfit – Exclusive outfit for members
    • Icons & Emotes Pack


    Many people are upset at the fact that Bethesda is trying to do this because of how poor the game has been treated and how much they are asking for this membership. Companies often put microtransactions in games for cosmetics which is already looked down upon, But using a membership to lock some of the most requested features is next level greedy.

    Some of the many criticisms Bethesda is getting on twitter is down below:


    Tell us what you think about this news below and Are you really going to be interested in this Fallout 76 membership?

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    1. This isn’t REAL Fallout anyway they don’t know how to make those.

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