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Published June 15, 2015

Bethesda finally had their very first E3 conference, and they did not disappoint the fans of Fallout 4. Half of the presentation was dedicated to talking about Fallout 4 in one way, or another. So, let’s go over all the features that was revealed during this conference.

Let’s start with character creation. Character creation for this game allows for either a male, or female protagonist. Yet, the facial variations you can create are quite vast this time around. In past Fallout games, all you can do is move a few sliders. This time around you can click on areas of the head, and morph to your delight. Create someone who looks like you, or a crazy person. It’s up to you. Your character is married, and has a child. The child’s face will be determined by how you edit the face of both male, and female characters before the game starts.


That brings us to the story. It starts us 200 years in the past right before the nukes go off. You signed up for the vault, get the warning, and grab your family to run to the vault. Your character then wakes up 200 years in the future, and sadly, as the last surviving member of Vault 111. Now you roam the wastelands for survival. The baby does have a name. An actual voiced name. Bethesda stated that the baby has about 1000 recorded names. Not sure if he was exaggerating, but that is pretty impressive. Looks like your character will be voiced too. Which is a series first.


Speaking of survival – now you can create your own township. Using the scrap you find you can rebuild your small city block into a village if you wish. Control everything from lighting, and security systems. Recruit people to live there, and hold off bandits. It’s almost a game within this game. I can see people spending hours just focusing on building up their base. You can also use tools to create unique weapons, armor, and even customize your Power Armor as well.


Bethesda did interrupt the Fallout 4 talk to discuss a new mobile game called Fallout Shelter. It’s a city-builder game where you are an overseer of a Vault. You control all aspects of the Vault, and try to ensure happiness. Bethesda states that other than the ability to buy “lunchboxes” that give random loot – the game will not have many of the free-to-play tropes of other mobile games.


Speaking of mobile, a PipBoy app will be released when the game does. This is a second screen experience that may monitor your health, and inventory on the app. They didn’t go into great detail about the app. They did mention that the PipBoy Special Edition of Fallout 4 will come with a wearable PipBoy you can slide your phone into and use the app on. The PipBoy in game does come more versatility, and even clones of games like Donkey Kong that you can play on it.


So, when can you get your hands on Fallout 4? You don’t have to wait too long. It is slated to release the November, 10th of 2015. So, what do you think about all the news? Let me know in the comments!

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