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  1.' habookaya says:

    ya i heard about this a few days ago. cant wait for the haitus after like 2 chapters -_- may the hand of god help us all

  2. It’s time to finally fix Casca.

  3. Hopefully without the stupid cgi

  4. Can we get better or no cgi

    1.' ZephySB says:

      It’s the manga not the anime, did you even read the article?

  5. Are they finally gonna fix Casca’s head now?

    1.' Mr. Payton says:

      I think where they were before the break they were about to fix her.

  6.' Basedgold says:

    About damn time!

  7.' topdogentertainment says:

    gotta catch up now.

  8.' Ixiaahs “Ixi” Oolep says:

    Hell yeah boy!

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