• Cameron Berry

  • Yay!

  • habookaya

    ya i heard about this a few days ago. cant wait for the haitus after like 2 chapters -_- may the hand of god help us all

  • It’s time to finally fix Casca.

  • Hopefully without the stupid cgi

  • Can we get better or no cgi

    • ZephySB

      It’s the manga not the anime, did you even read the article?

  • Are they finally gonna fix Casca’s head now?

    • Mr. Payton

      I think where they were before the break they were about to fix her.

  • Basedgold

    About damn time!

  • Bryce

  • Warren Lamb

  • topdogentertainment

    gotta catch up now.

  • Jeff Gvozdanovic

  • Ixiaahs “Ixi” Oolep

    Hell yeah boy!