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Published February 13, 2019

The team over at Bend Studio wanted to bring a unique way to get people hype about Days Gone. While we’re going to receive a slew of new games over the next two months, a lot of people probably forgot that Days Gone comes out on April 26th for PS4. A number of creators and media (including myself) received an actual invitation in the mail for Sarah and Deacon’s wedding. I was honestly confused about what was going on, but it was for a new trailer that debuted today.

In the trailer we can see a little bit of Deacon’s past as he flashes back to his wedding day. Soon after he gets pulled back into reality as a biker gang pulls up to the now burned down church. Deacon now has to fight his way out, and we can see some more in-game footage. Are you excited for Days Gone after watching the latest trailer?



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