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Published June 30, 2016


The members of Contingent 99 ¬†are working on a game called Wizard of Legend and it looks amazing. Wizard of legend is a dungeon crawler where you and a friend play as a wizard overcoming the chaos trials. The magic seems to be centered around the elements, which maybe the reason I’m getting a lot of Avatar the Last Airbender vibes from the combat. Water, Fire,Earth, Air, and lightning all make an appearance, but the most interesting part comes from the chaining of spells.


“While raw chaos is at the core of all magic, manipulating chaos directly to produce spells is a difficult and time consuming process involving strenuous magical focus and gestures. Spell crafting Virtuosos quickly realized this problem and created an elegant solution that came in the form of Arcana.Arcana are hand crafted trumps that have been traced with a preset spell and imbued with an element refined from raw chaos. Their creation allows for wizards to rapidly produce spells by simply channelling their magical energy through them.Arcana are generally created with a specific element and spell effect in mind. While the element selected is almost always limited to one of the base elements, the effects are much more diverse as many different Virtuosos have created a wide variety of arcana with different effects. It is estimated that since their first creation, over 100 different types of arcana have been created.” – Contingent 99


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