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Published June 23, 2017

Three months ago I remember getting PR press kits emailed to me about a new game called PlayerUnknown Battleground.

I thought it looked interesting from the first trailer, but I didn’t think I’d become the phenomena¬†that it has become today.

The game has been in early access for three months now, and they’ve managed to push four million copies sold already!

At $30 a pop that means the studio behind the game is raking in the big bucks! I can hear the money machine from here practically.

All jokes aside, the success is well deserved. It’s my favorite game out right now. I have 155 hours on the game already. I can’t remember the last game I spent this much time on.

They managed to construct a challenging¬†title that’s fun to play with friends. This is the Ghost Recon game Ubisoft wishes they made in my opinion.

The crazy part is we’re only three months into their lifespan. They have a ton of new features and maps coming soon + a console launch looming.

They’re about to be a force to be reckoned with! Cheers to Battlegrounds!


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