Battlefield 5 Set in World War 1?

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  1. Mykallamar says:

    They’re taking a risk, I’ll have to see gameplay before I make an opinion about feel about it

  2. @Mr_iKeepitreal Trench Warfare? Let’s go

  3.' LightningNfast11 says:

    If it is WW1, imma go in cautiously. But maybe it was a mistake. Idk. I personally want it either futuristic or modern day.

  4.' Finn says:

    Id play a WWI shooter

  5.' davidabeats says:

    Hmmmm, different, but I’m open to the idea. We’ll see but I’m willing to check it out. I’m curious to hear how they would do it and how much complexity it would have. How deep into WWI tactics/abilities/tools would they go?

  6.' LuckyLynx says:

    Back to ww1, full circle mann

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