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Published December 7, 2018

Another Battle Royale game has joined the Battle Royale of Battle Royale games. This time it is Valve that has made a Battle Royale mode for CS:GO and has also made the game free to play.

The mode is called Danger Zone and by the way all of this is out now! This is a lot smaller than what you expect in a battle royale game because you start off the match with up to 18 players and the games last about 10 mins. Players will find money and other types of equipment that will help you survive the chaos. The player will also carry a tablet that will can be upgraded so you can track opponent’s deliveries or their movements all depends how you want to play. You will be able to play singles or you can play with your friends in Duos or Trios.

Danger Zone was built to play like CS:GO so the guns will feel the same and have the same kind of stats. All of this new content is out now and remember that CS:GO is now free to play. The map is small and is called Blacksite, Players want to keep an eye on their ammo because it will be hard to find ammo even if you buy your weapon through the tablet. The way you can earn money in the game is by doing missions in the battle royale mode like saving a hostage, Getting into a safe or killing a high value target.

CS:GO is Free to Play right now so go ahead and check it out. Are you guys interested in another Battle Royale game this time coming from Valve?


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