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Published October 24, 2018

This morning EA released a post on what is coming post-launch for the upcoming Battlefield V game. The post talks about how content will be coming in waves every month or so, They call them chapters.

The first chapter is called Overture and it will bring a new multiplayer map, Single-player War Stories: The Last Tiger, and a practice range. This first wave of post-launch content will be coming sometime early December through January. The 2nd chapter for the post-launch will be called Lightning Strikes coming January through March. This will add Combined Arms: This is a co-op mode where you and your friends will do missions on several maps fighting AI enemies. It will also add classic modes and challenges that will reward the players as they rank up.

Okay now to the Battle Royale mode that they teased us within a trailer a couple months ago. This mode is part of the chapter 3 content wave that is called Trial By Fire which will be coming until March. The Battle Royale mode will be called Firestorm and you will be able to use vehicles and the tease us by saying, “and you get many unique Battlefield moments coming your way”. They also will be adding a Greece map but I know some people were interested in the Battle Royale mode so waiting until March is kinda bad news for both sides I think.

EA will not only be fighting to get an audience to play their Battle Royale mode against Fortnite but Call of Duty just release and it has Battle Royale that people are also enjoying. I am just worried that EA will make it an afterthought type of thing because it seems like they just want to add the mode because it’s popping right now, But will it still have people’s attention in March. Do you guys care about this mode coming later or You don’t care about Battle Royale games like that?

Battlefield V will be released November 20 on X box One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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