BATMAN – The Telltale Series Unveiled New Screenshots

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  1. cassidy.glas@yahoo.com' Quince matthew says:

    Can’t wait Telltale’s games are usually good

  2. waleed.muhammad97@gmail.com' BlackGuy3Eye Lightskin Tchalla says:

    Looks dope. It’ll probably be pretty decent.

  3. Fbreezy says:

    It’s looking legit.

  4. mrkennethjay@gmail.com' Kenny says:

    Would have been really cool if Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamil voiced this.

    1. hi.mynameismanny@yahoo.com' LegendofSquanto says:

      Mark Hamill retired from Joker and will only portray him if it’s Killing Joke related (hence Arkham Knight and the movie)

  5. hi.mynameismanny@yahoo.com' LegendofSquanto says:

    The Baker/Bailey/Willingham trio strike again. Although I did like Baker as Batman in Lego Batman, I still would’ve preferred Grey Delisle to voice Catwoman

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