Batman: The Killing Joke Animated Film 12 Minute Sneak Peak!

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  1. Batman Batman says:

    @BasedDork69 says the video has been removed by the user for me /:

  2.' Payton McDowell says:

    The user removed the video. Guess the sjw backlash was too much for them to handle :/

  3.' Nashawn Davson says:

    Quortez Kelly

    1.' Quortez Kelly says:

      Ya I watched this

  4.' a zergling says:

    wasnt there like a big controversy about this a while back what was all of it about?

  5.' Max Zayas says:

    Nice to see that the video’s been pulled right away

  6.' Mustapha Hamed says:

    Mohamad Hamed

  7.' Sataniel Santiago says:

    Grace DeCaprio

  8.' Jerome V Mac says:

    Teddy Tella Jamal Richards looks like this is the next movie

  9. ekeZ ekeZ says:

    videos been taken down…

  10.' Zac McWann says:

    Aaron Baker

  11.' Vincent Tan says:

    Edwin Rao just when i got excited, the video got removed.

  12.' Im_Trill says:

    pumped for this

  13.' LeRon Norell Ballon says:

    Jarrad Pigeon

  14.' Piérre Johnathen Earls says:

    The video got taken down but at least you can prepare yourself for this Kiara

  15.' Caleb Meszaros says:

    Can’t wait though, but will this actually be Marks final performance as the Joker?

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