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Published July 3, 2015

Fuck fixing the broken PC port that was known to be broken months ago by Rocksteady. Lets talk about the DLC baby! Get your credit/debit cards out folks because Rocksteady just announced that the Batgirl DLC is coming to Arkham Knight this July baby!

The DLC will drop July 14th in early access form for the suckers who paid the whopping 40 bucks for the season pass. Everyone else will be able to play it on July 21st for 9 bucks. According to our sources the Batgirl DLC is

“Set before the events of Arkham Knight, it marks the first time players will control Batman’s female protégé. The DLC will include a new location, missions, side quests, a new hijacking feature and the ability to fight cooperatively with Robin.”

No release date for the PC version of the DLC though. Take a guess why?

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