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Published December 9, 2019

The team over at Tekken just had a very epicĀ Tekken World Tour over the weekend. Of course with big events like this, hardcore fans are eagerly waiting for what the franchise has next. The devs delivered with not 1, not 2, but 3 new character reveals!

First is Leroy Smith, a Wing Chun master who returned to New York City to get his revenge? this man had a whole rap in his DLC trailer and has turned into an instant fan favorite.

    Next is Ganryu, a wrestler who wants to try his luck at the King of Iron Fists tournament. He’s also getting into the live streaming thing from the trailer. His fighting style resembles E-Honda from Street Fighter.

      Finally, we have Fahkumram, who is a Muay Thai champion. He’s out to fight for his family’s freedom by any means. In the trailer, he got dropped from the sky, and looks like some sort of crazed experiment!

        The entire season pass 3 timeline goes through Spring 2020, with Leroy and Ganryu releasing tomorrow, December 10th. Fahkumram is going to be in Spring 2020 along with a new stage. The pass is currently available to purchase, so get ready if you’re a super Tekken fan!

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