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Published December 6, 2017

Are you tired of beating your friends and random scrubs on NBA 2K? Do you believe your skills are truly top notch? Do you want to actually make something of your video game dribbling and shooting prowess? Well, starting January 1st you will have a chance to qualify for the NBA 2k League.

According to Brendan Donohue, the Managing Director of the NBA 2K League on Reddit, he confirmed the details on how to get in:

  • You have to be 18 years or older
  • Must be playing on PS4 or Xbox One (Sorry PC Players)
  • You can be solo or part of a team
  • Must win 50 Pro-Am Arena games and submit an online application before January ends

After the qualifier period, the league will do more scouting, and in March the prospective NBA teams will draft players for the competition. If you get selected, you will have to physically move to the city that drafts you, so BE PREPARED!

This is very interesting that NBA 2K and the real NBA is getting very serious about eSports. I wonder how the contracts will work for each individual player? It could possibly be life-changing. You can hit up Brendan on his twitter for more details.

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