Avengers: Age of Ultron Review/Spoiler Talk — Superhero Roundtable Discussions

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  1. Malaiko says:

    Hope you guys enjoyed our review of Avengers: Age of Ultron!

  2.' Nabilety says:

    Great article – I agree on most parts. But I have to disagree on your views on Ultron – yes, Ultron felt terribly rushed and, in a way, incomplete (considering that the Avengers could take him out in just one sequel that easily – I expected more from this villain), but his cynical and cold view of the world spells nothing but trouble and horror. His goal was not exactly to “destroy the world”, which again was frustrating what exactly his motive was, because the movie was so rushed, but he simply just was not a human. So his superior intellect immediately determined that life on Earth would be better off if he just got rid of Public Enemy No. 1: Humans.
    To simplify his view, he sees this bigger picture of how the world could be, and goes “There has to be some radical changes, which will involve violence and death, in order to make everything better”; so he is not exactly saying: “Muhaha, I will destroy the world!”, no, this whole thing becomes a ‘mission’ of some sort instead of the cliché intention of doing something cruel-minded. So let me give you all an example from the movie:
    When the twins are telling Ultron their struggle story of how their parents died and how much hatred they have for Tony Stark – Ultron is not exactly sympathizing like; “oh, I will help them get revenge by killing Tony Stark”, no, in his mind he sees that if Tony Stark is capable, as a human, of creating such problems then anyone, who is human, can do it. Therefore, eradicating humanity is the solution, because there is no reason to protect any human. Regarding the nuclear thing, I think it is a bit of nitpicking, in one of the scenes Ultron, himself, mentioned that he did not want the Avengers to go out as martyrs, so of course he could have got rid them easily, but that would have been contradicting his ideology – so what if he did not actually succeed killing ALL humans, then there would be humans who still knew who the Avengers were and what they stood for. This is just my interpretation of Ultron as a villain, and I think they succeeded portraying why he was dangerous, but like you guys, I think this movie was rushed which is why it was hard to consider him as a villain over a comedian – when he hardly did anything other than programming robots.

  3.' Lil Duck, Big Dick #BlvckSquad says:

    I think the movie sucks. Can’t find any other word to describe it. Ultron was done so piss poorly; something that was so amazing in the comics made incredibly simplistic, perhaps to fit the PG-13 fool-infested audience Marvel loves to cater to.

  4.' Sean Walsh says:

    I bloody loved the movie. Ultron may have felt a bit rushed but seeing the team in full swing (as opposed to finding their sea legs in the first Avengers) was fucking great. Was it a Winter Soldier style fantastic spy/action movie that turned the whole universe on its head? No. Was it a fucking great comic book movie and a lot of fun? Hell yes. (p.s. I’m saying this as someone who is generally really critical and didn’t even like Cap 2 on my first watch). I feel a lot of people (not necessarily you guys) are focussing on its downsides and ignoring what was great about it.

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