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Author: TheMessiahofHumanity

Just some nigga on The Wired (Anime Reference for the serious Otaku's out there).

I write when I get free time for GI about anime news or recommendations, I also run my own blog where I cover more about anime by giving reviews, recommendations based on the amount of anime you've seen and long essays regarding interesting anime topics like: NGE's characters and My Issues with Shōnen anime.

5 Life Changing Anime You Should Watch

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Anime is a growing medium in the West, and many influential people have started taking notice of this more recently, case and point with the newly announced Ghost in the Shell live action movie. There is some scepticism when looking at anime from an outsider perspective, and that is rightly so, anime is very weird and has a lot of sub-genres and themes that wouldn’t go down so well with most western audiences. So I would like to list five anime that I feel are life-changing anime or at the very least might change your perspective on a given topic. These anime are not for beginners but rather for an experienced viewer; they deal with various topics and opinions on subjects that would rarely be covered in any other medium. I consider these anime that everyone should watch if they are a fan of anime, even if they don’t fully understand them or like them by the end.