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Published December 29, 2016

For every W Ubisoft gets they take five L’s in return. Ubisoft latest L is the Assassin’s Creed film. The reviews range from terrible, to mediocre to meh. To make matters worse sales aren’t looking too great either. According to our snitch, the film has only garneredĀ $25m. To put things into perspective, it cost Ubisoft $120m to make the movie. That loss is something serious!

Can’t say I’m surprised. The past few games have been meh, so I don’t know why anyone would think the film would be any different? If you can’t make a great game, then you can’t make a great movie based off the game. Hopefully, this massive loss doesn’t lead Ubisoft to nickelĀ & diming customers with microtransactions in their upcoming releases. Did any of you see the AC film?

Does it truly put the ASS in Assassin like the reviews claim?

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