Assassin’s Creed The Movie Tanks In The Box Office

  • Sage

    Sucks I actually liked the movie a lot too. But you know how harsh critics can be especially on movies based around games.

  • Brian-anthony Smith

    Saw it. It wasn’t terrible. Definitely an L though. I went in hoping that it would be a blind hate case for legit good action like transformers. But there was too many things that just didn’t make sense. Sad part is of it was a direct adaptation of the first couple of games it could have been good. But the movie team threw everything but the base plot out the window and winged it.

  • Another L for video game movies.

  • LegendofSquanto

    I mean, Ubisoft didn’t make the movie themselves. They just cleared the checks to OK this movie. Still though, an L is an L.

  • Issiah

    Lol does this fall under the most expensive L?😂😂 250Mil Goddamn

  • Michael Singletary

    It wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. It was completely rushed with a lot of loop holes in the movie. There was literally no point of introducing other ppl in the movie cause they had a few lines in the movie. I give it a 5 out of 10.

  • I thought it was an awesome movie… probably lost out trying to compete with Rogue One.

  • I don’t think there’s been any good video game movie ever.

    • I would say 007 but I think some of the movies were made before the games released.

    • 007 was a thing before the games so I don’t count them.

    • The closest we have to a video game movie that doesn’t suck is Wreck It Ralph, and that only features cameos.