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Published May 12, 2015

Ubisoft promised they’d reveal their newest Assassin’s Creed today and it looks like they held up their end of the bargain. The latest iteration is called AC: Syndicate and it takes place in Victorian London (1800’s).

They dropped a trailer and it’s a few things I took away from it. London is gorgeous. I get the vibe that the latest protagonist is going to be more like Ezio (which is a good thing). Also according to our sources the game will feature a female protagonist & cameos from historical figures Charles Dickens and Darwin. Ubisoft claims to have learned from their mistakes from Unity too

“There is one thing that we do every year, you know. Whether it’s this year, or last year, or the past five years, for that matter, is that we learn. Sometimes we make things that we look at after and say “we could have done that differently.” And so, it has been a great learning [experience] this year and the reason why you’ve been able to see a live demo on console, that’s a direct kind of learning that we got from last year’s game. To have something early and to polish, polish, polish the hell out of it. That’s kind of the mindset we have, the mindset the team has had since day one.”

Here’s the reveal trailer

Jacob Frye trailer

Here’s an extensive game play walkthrough

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