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Published June 1, 2018

Assassin’s Creed is a polarizing franchise. Origins was great, but before that, the series was on a steady decline. That was due to the annualization of the franchise. It’s hard to make great open world games when you want to put one out every year. You would think people would learn from their mistakes and the success of Rockstar Games GTA V. Less is more!

But nope! Ubisoft is back with another Assassin’s Creed game before Origins could even cool off. Leaks have been hitting the net left and right so often that I guess Ubisoft decided to let the news go early that the next Assassin’s Creed would is on the way and is called Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

The world has begged them for Japan time and time again, but they don’t listen. I have a sneaky suspicion that Greece was the next country because it would allow Ubisoft to reutilize assets from Origins. Romans & Greeks were gentrifying Egypt in Origins. They could just pull from Origins architecture and reuse them. I would be highly disappointed if that were the case.

The good news is it’s looking like that might not be the case. Rumors claim this game will be a true open world game that goes beyond Origins. You will have dialog options like Bioware games and there will be heavy customization. Not just gear, but the option to play as male or female. We shall see!

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