Are You One Of These Rappers? @Crank_Lucas

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  1.' Mr.3vilboss says:

    Sadly there’s more #2 than #1 and #3

  2.' The Depraved says:

    Bro actually had some bars in all forms I mean ik the GI gonna like #3 the most but id go with #1. I know the GI don’t like ANY Famous Dex and that’s understandable but Yatchy isnt have bad.

  3.' Wrath says:

    This was actually pretty tight. All of them sounded pretty good in different ways

  4.' Issiah says:

    Tht was some Heat 1.Jcole type shit
    2.Dex or any new niggas(Tht shit got me hype af)
    3.Old Heads with a grudge againts everything or Meek…Did anyone notice he added or removed tattos 😂😂🤔

    1.' KingYo! says:

      Or meek 😂

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