Are E-sports Real Sports?

  • Randell Roberts

    I think its time to bring back G4TV. But no, sadly gaming isn’t a sport but you could call it a sport if you go by what Total Biscuit say, which i would agree with him. I don’t think it was a bad idea to host esports on ESPN but host it around lets say between 12-4pm its nothing but reruns of SportsCenter anyways.

  • Matt

    Whats needed is a new channel dedicated to stuff like this. Gaming is a large part of a lot of peoples lives, and hosting esports competitions on TV would be a major step forward. That being said, it shouldn’t be on ESPN. I’m not saying competitive gaming isn’t worthy of the word “sport” but traditional people aren’t going to accept this, and it’ll cause issues where issues shouldn’t be.

  • Darth Maul

    Nobody complains when ESPN is showing Little league, college, and professional baseball. And I can’t think of anything less exciting then baseball.

  • xX Hyper Xx

    Ah fuck I can feel the alphas flocking to this post already.

  • Wrath

    The flaw in this is where its being shown. Hes 100% right that there is no benefit to calling competitive gaming a sport, but the outrage is putting something not athletic on an athletic hub. I can also understand that mobas are boring to people who dont have an idea of whats happening

  • Payton McDowell

    Basically it’s people who aren’t at least familiar with video games are raising their pitchforks over something so trivial. Also that anchor was in the wrong for saying that stuff bc it was his opinion being expressed and they cant really do that if they’re journalists.