Apple Finally Admits To Slowing Down iPhones

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  • Water is wet

  • Sand is dry

  • Ice is cold.

  • Fire burns you

  • Dirt is dirty

  • Apple commercial talking bout what’s a computer, what they mean is what’s battery replacement and storage upgrades

  • Jennifer Moreira

  • MrLeeOH

    These corporations are nothing but shady folks.

    • Rebel

      Yep, any corporation is out to make the common people worse and the filthy rich better.

      • MrLeeOH


  • Fuck Apple I’m switching to android

  • Michael Santos lol

  • Antonio Moore

  • Almighty

    This is why I turned auto-updates off. More and more I’m finding it better to not update anything unless 100% mandatory.

  • Derek Ant

    But y’all niggas still buy them and refuse to use better alternatives because of stupid shit like “blue chat bubbles” FOH y’all get no sympathy from me getting fleeced by Apple.

  • But yet Androids still take the L

  • I’m really about to make that move to android now