Apple AirPods Are Finally Available

  • I’ll pass on this one fam

  • Janken

    Can’t wait to see the memes for these things once they drop

  • kurojoss

    $159? You got me WAAAYYYY fucked up lol. I’m good

  • The Depraved

    Apple really failed with this so called “innovation” they believe in. If the iPhone8 is a disappointment than Apple will have lost all its integrity its been barely able to hold with the equivocal subpar release of the iPhone 7 in comparison to the Galaxy S7 and the Note 7

  • Jimmy Dean

    That shit look lit but $159? 🖕🏽🖕🏽

  • Lose headphones, buy yours now! xD

  • Storm Cloudz


  • Cool info really great

  • Issiah

    Bout to see a whole lotta tic Tac looking things on the floor

  • Anybody

    Dafuq is this?! No thanks.

  • Let’s be honest tons of people are going to lose one side of those EarPods then apple will make you buy a new pair

  • Apple is such a scam i can’t believe it