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Published January 9, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen … Respawn did it again. Fresh off the heels of their Winter event comes another event called Grand Soirรฉe. It features a steampunk style, several new game modes and a bunch of skins for various Legends. According to the reveal trailer, there will be 7 new game modes that will rotate every two days. Those game modes include

  1. Gold Rush Duos – Gold weapons only with you and friend
  2. Third-person mode – self-explanatory
  3. Armed And Dangerous – Shotgun and sniper rifles with limited armor
  4. Kings Canyon After Dark – Return of the original map, but at night
  5. Dummies Big Day – The description says “the game ain’t gone test itself”, but it’s hard to gauge what exactly this mode is.
  6. Live.Die.Live – Automatically respawn on teammates when the ring closes
  7. Always be closing – Keep on the move avoiding big damage from a ring that won’t slow down

If you want to get a sneak peek at all the new skins, then peep the trailer below. This event begins next Tuesday, January 14th, 2020.

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