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Published March 5, 2019

Add “crashing” to the latest wave of problems for Bioware’s Anthem. Pretty much every single time anything involving this game happens, the news spreads like wildfire and gives everyone yet another reason not to purchase this game. PS4 players have been reporting that while playing Anthem, their games have been crashing. Others have experienced their console turning off completely and loading back up to the safe mode screen. Yes this is an issue, but people are saying that their consoles are BRICKING, but this doesn’t seem to be the case, just misinformation on what’s actually happening.

When your console BRICKS, that means that there is no way to bring it back up. It would take you taking it back to where you bought it, or Sony themselves to fix. This is NOT the same as your console turning off and back on. Again, I’m not defending the issue that Anthem is causing, but people started running and making videos immediately with little to no confirmation. EA has acknowledged the issue on their EA Answers HQ website and wants to gather information on the issue so they can try to fix it in a timely matter.

Some users have gotten refunds for their troubles. This crashing issue might’ve been related to one of the latest patches, but if you are having this problem I would suggest to hit the link above and provide your information. I hope EA can rectify the issue soon for all of my PS4 players.

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