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Published February 16, 2016

In it might be time to be concerned news; another person has left Bioware during the development of Mass Effect Andromeda. Writer Chris Schlerf to be precise. Here’s the twist, though. He’s left Bioware to work on Destiny with Bungie. Chris took to Twitter to reveal the news as well as further hype Andromeda.


Here’s my take. Bioware is a team made up of over 800 people, so three people leaving over the past year isn’t bad. I’m also confident that Mass Effect Andromeda’s script was finished a long time ago. Chris leaving for Bungie could be a great thing as well. The guy who penned Mass Effect is now penning Destiny 2? Sounds like a win for gamers to me.

So no I’m not concerned about this departure. Now if 200 people just up and left, then I would be. Everyone calm down. Bioware is still coming with them flames this June! Andromeda is going to be the biggest game revealed at E3 2016 (mark my words)

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