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Published December 1, 2019

Paragon died in 2018. Some remakes were announced shortly after, but due to drama, lack of funding and manpower all of them fell apart. It’s to the point where I don’t even frequent the Paragon Reddit anymore. All hope was lost. Then came Fault. Another remake announced randomly that’s pulling the remnants of the Paragon community’s heartstrings.

Apparently the team behind this game already has a working building that a select few creators have been able to get some hands-on time with. The team behind Fault is being praised for taking feedback and making quick adjustments. I also like that they swapped out the card system for a more traditional item store. That being said this game isn’t anywhere near finished. I won’t hold my breathe because history tends to repeat itself. The alpha will go down on December 12th. Here’s some footage from Youtuber Britik. Follow Fault’s Reddit as well.

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