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Published May 23, 2018

PC may be my choice of platform in my adulthood, but I was Nintendo kid coming up in the ranks. It’s why I choose to be an early adopter of the Nintendo Switch. I enjoy their first party games. Specifically Super Smash Bros. That’s expected to be shown during E3 2018, but until then there’s a void to be filled.

Enter Icons: Combat Arena. There are plenty of Smash Bros. clones on PC, but none that have stuck with me. Brawlhalla was cool for a while but got old to me. Brawlout showed potential but released DOA for PC. Icons claims to be different by being the most accessible yet strategic fighting game on PC.

The full game drops July 12th. But before that, they’ll be conducting their final closed beta test this weekend (May 26th – 27th). If you’d like to beta test the game, then click here to sign up. Check out this first impressions video from Youtuber Alpharad.


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