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Published August 13, 2018

Those of you on the fence about purchasing Black Clover Quartet Knights should know that another open beta is coming for the game this week. The beta will begin August 17th, 2018 and you’ll be able to download the client August 15th.

Players will have access to various 4v4 game modes. Those who participate in the beta will be given exclusive access to some DLC for characters. Just know that the beta will run on the schedule. The times are listed below thanks to our plug.

  • Period 1 – Friday, August 17th 6:00AM – 8:00AM PDT
  • Period 2 – Friday, August 17th 2:00PM – 4:00PM PDT
  • Period 3 – Friday, August 17th 10:00PM – Midnight PDT
  • Period 4 – Saturday, August 18th 6:00AM – 8:00AM PDT
  • Period 5 – Saturday, August 18th 2:00PM – 4:00PM PDT
  • Period 6 – Saturday, August 18th 10:00PM – Midnight PDT
  • Period 7 – Sunday, August 19th 6:00AM – 8:00AM PDT
  • Period 8 – Sunday, August 19th 2:00PM – 4:00PM PDT
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